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At Challenger Site Services we share our customers’ commitment to operating in a sustainable way and reducing our impact on the environment over time.

We have an ISO-certified environmental management plan to reduce the impact of our operations wherever possible. As part of this action plan, we:

have invested heavily in a modern fleet of mainly EURO VI engines to ensure our vehicles are equipped with the most modern, cleanest engines available.
monitor fuel consumption across our entire vehicle fleet on a monthly basis.
use recycled toilet paper in our portable toilets.
have moved to a digital POD (proof of delivery) system to reduce paper usage.
assess and monitor our carbon footprint on a monthly basis.
avoid use of ‘one shot’ additive in portable toilet cleaning (where a single plastic bottle is used for every service) and instead use larger bottles to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption.
use formaldehyde-free cleaning chemicals in portable toilets.
reduce energy consumption in our offices where possible.
carefully select our own waste service suppliers – our waste provider achieves a 99% landfill diversion rate, saving 40,000 tonnes of carbon each year.

We are more than happy to work with any of our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. Please contact us for more details, or for our Environmental and Sustainability Policy please view the Corporate Handbook on the downloads section of our website.

What Our Customer's Say...

“Helpful, easy to deal with, friendly & on time.”
“Top service, Won't use anybody else.”
“Very efficient, excellent service, friendly and have never let me down, that’s why they are always my first choice.”
All of our clients regularly comment on the service provided by Challenger, and how professional all the staff are from delivery drivers and cleaning operatives, to hire desk and management.
"A very good supplier, always help us keep our customers happy"